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Central Italy - Lazio Region

Lazio is another central region of Italy. It shares borders to the north-west with Toscana, north with Umbria, north-east with Marche, east with Abruzzi and Molise, south with Campania and south-west with the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rome is the capital and the capital town of Italy.

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Hong Kong Travel Guide For Travelers

A former colony of the United Kingdom; Hong Kong is now one of China's shining stars when it comes to international tourism. The city is increasingly becoming a global link for China to show off its true culture and warmth. Being primarily a harbor city, Hong Kong Special administrative region

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Pompeii Town

Pompeii is located on a plateau of volcanic formation, on the southern slope of Mount Vesuvius, about 30 meters above sea level and a short distance from the mouth of the Sarno river, in a ...