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Central Italy - Lazio Region

Lazio is another central region of Italy. It shares borders to the north-west with Toscana, north with Umbria, north-east with Marche, east with Abruzzi and Molise, south with Campania and south-west with the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rome is the capital and the capital town of Italy.

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Enjoying The Waters of Boracay

Visiting Boracay just for its white sand beaches is not exactly doing justice to this exotic place. True, those lovely beaches were the reason the world noticed this tropical island. Since its "discovery," Boracay has been known for those beaches, transforming the place from being an "

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Hong Kong Travel Guide For Travelers

A former colony of the United Kingdom; Hong Kong is now one of China's shining stars when it comes to international tourism. The city is increasingly becoming a global link for China to show off its true culture and warmth. Being primarily a harbor city, Hong Kong Special administrative region

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Pompeii Town

Pompeii is located on a plateau of volcanic formation, on the southern slope of Mount Vesuvius, about 30 meters above sea level and a short distance from the mouth of the Sarno river, in a ...