Health & Medical: You Can Stop Negative Thinking Self Improvement

You Can Stop Negative Thinking

External situations and the remarks of others can harm us through our thoughts but only to the extent we allow them to. The first thing we have to do is recognize the negative thought(s) and assess what they are about with precision. The quality of our thoughts will decide the quality of the outcome

Health & Medical: Overshopping Overseas Self Improvement

Overshopping Overseas

According to Trinny and Susannah, the two stars of ITV1's reality fashion show, now in its second season, Brits spend 30 billion pounds every year on clothing, much of which is never worn. In an effort to help British women who are compulsive buyers learn to spend their money more wisely and st

Health & Medical: Can We Outsmart Our Genes? Self Improvement

Can We Outsmart Our Genes?

Our genes account for the biological and neurological (i.e. genotypic) predispositions that we have inherited from our family ancestors. Think of genes as the seeds that you were handed at birth. These seeds may or may not germinate, depending on your childhood and current environment. Scientists ta

Health & Medical: Does Your Life Have Wings? Self Improvement

Does Your Life Have Wings?

Words can be incredibly powerful things. They can inspire us to be more, to do more, to strive for more than we ever imagined possible. Words can also tear down the greatest of minds, even when they come from the smallest of men. It is important to pay attention to the words you use as well as the w

Health & Medical: Stress Management is a Hoax Self Improvement

Stress Management is a Hoax

Can we manage stress, or are we just kidding ourselves? The article describes what we encounter when becoming stressed, and how to move on from there. It's high time we started doing something about stress, which is incapacitating such a large portion of the people of the world.

Health & Medical: Traits of a Narcissist Self Improvement

Traits of a Narcissist

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a handsome Greek youth who had never seen his reflection. The nymph Echo had been punished by Hera for gossiping by being cursed to forever €have the last word€. One ...

Health & Medical: Get Mental - The Psychology of Strength Self Improvement

Get Mental - The Psychology of Strength

The intention of this article is to share some of the basics of exercise and sport psychology and to illustrate the importance of our thoughts and emotions relative to our physical goals. I will also describe some simple techniques that you can use regularly to improve you performance. This informat

Health & Medical: Is Happiness Elusive? Self Improvement

Is Happiness Elusive?

In an attempt to resolve the idea of happiness being an elusive quality, we imply that it is so by framing it in the negative. Given the suffering present in the world nowadays, many of us are inclined to consider happiness as being intangible. It would not be incorrect to assume the following line

Health & Medical: Purpose - Fulfill It Self Improvement

Purpose - Fulfill It

Many people contact me to have a hypnosis session to discover their purpose in life. We have become conditioned to believe that only those things that are a big 'Wow' with media hype included have any merit. Thus, many people think their purpose is a 'big' mystery, something that