Society & Culture  & Entertainment: GMAT Sentence Correction - Get it Right Every Singe Time! Education

GMAT Sentence Correction - Get it Right Every Singe Time!

What's wrong with this sentence? Are you saying nothing?Probably true, in a colloquial everyday usage but would this sentence pass muster in a GMAT sentence correction section?Probably not. The Sentence correction questions in the GMAT verbal section aim to test you for your ability to identify

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How Easy is it to Master a Language? Education

How Easy is it to Master a Language?

If you've been searching around for a language course to take, you've probably come across the occasional pitch that claims they can make mastering a language a piece of cake. Before you buy into that pipe dream, let me tell you now: they're probably lying.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: A Glimpse of SAP BODS Education

A Glimpse of SAP BODS

SAP BODS is a product which delivers a basic single product for data management, data processing and data integration. Data integration is the process of extracting, transforming and loading between targets and sources. These targets ...

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: College Dorm Life Puts You Through New Experiences Education

College Dorm Life Puts You Through New Experiences

College dorm life can be whole new rush of emotions and experience for you on joining a college. Because until now you were under parental guidance, but living in a dorm with unknown faces is totally different from your home. It can be joyful or even nightmarish for you.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How Does Light Travel From the Sun to Earth? Education

How Does Light Travel From the Sun to Earth?

Electromagnetic WavesTo understand how light travels from the sun to the Earth, you have to understand what light is. Light is an electromagnetic wave--a wave of electric and magnetic energy oscillating very quickly. There are many different electromagnetic waves, and the type is...

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Marketing Topics for an MBA Project Education

Marketing Topics for an MBA Project

Instructors use projects and presentations to assess their students' skills and abilities in implementing theory in practice. Academic business departments may require MBA students to submit projects in the last semester of their studies. A student selects a research topic; gets instructor approval;

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Crop Circles! Education

Crop Circles!

The number of circles reported varies from approximately 2,000 (according to the International Crop Circle Database) to an estimated 10,000 sightings worldwide. The first patterns were simple circles and rings in wheat and barley fields. Recent patterns are elaborate geometrical designs, including

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Origin of the Letters: The Letters B and P Education

Origin of the Letters: The Letters B and P

Have you ever wondered where the letter B came from? Most scholars will tell you that it came from the Semitic letter known as beth. What I have discovered, however, is that the story of the letter B actually appears to be far more complicated, fascinating and compelling than what scholars have long

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: EMS Mutagenesis Protocol Education

EMS Mutagenesis Protocol

Mutagenesis protocols are processes used to cause permanent gene mutations. Genes mutate on a regular basis, depending on the current demands of the environment; however, few of these opportunistic mutations are passed on. In order to create stable, controlled mutations, protocols are used. Accor

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: I Wish I Had Education

I Wish I Had

This guide to expressing wishes explains the common phrase I wish I had and similar expressions used to express wishes in the present and the past.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Winter Holidays Around the World Kindergarten Activities Education

Winter Holidays Around the World Kindergarten Activities

The winter holiday season is celebrated around the world in a variety of ways, such as the German lighting of the Christmas tree Christmas Eve celebration or the English cracker favor tradition, or pull-apart toys filled with small gifts, jokes and games. Expose your kindergarten class to holiday tr

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: International Business Assessment Education

International Business Assessment

Import and export are very essential components of international trade. On one hand, import involves bringing in goods or services from a foreign country to a domestic country. On the other hand, export involves shipping ...

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Edible Science Activities Education

Edible Science Activities

Science is more fun when you can eat the results.bottle image by tofuwarrior from Fotolia.comScience is a discipline that allows children the opportunity to explore, experiment and learn about the world around them. Kids also love to eat; the more fun or unusual the food, the better....