Society & Culture  & Entertainment: What Obstacles Did Thurgood Marshall Face?

What Obstacles Did Thurgood Marshall Face?

Thurgood Marshall (1908-1993) was the first African American Supreme Court Justice, as well as an attorney in the famous Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka case regarding racial segregation in schools. Despite these major accomplishments, Thurgood Marshall had to overcome many personal and pr

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Which Crop Was the Most Important to the Mayans?

Which Crop Was the Most Important to the Mayans?

The ancient Mayan civilization reached its peak around the 10th century, spanning much of present-day Mexico and Central America. They are famous for their skill as pyramid builders, mathematicians and astronomers. Though their empire was gone by the 15th century, as many as 4.5 million descendants

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Historical Monuments in China

Historical Monuments in China

The most recognized Chinese monument is without a doubt the Great Wall of China. However, many other fascinating Chinese structures showcase the country's awe-inspiring vision of political power and religious tradition.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: What Are Settlement Patterns?

What Are Settlement Patterns?

Settlement patterns refer to the concentration of people in terms of ethnic grouping, religious belief and political orientation. Settlement pattern research examines the distribution of human actions across a given location and how these actions are connected to the social and natural environment.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How to Learn the Thai Culture

How to Learn the Thai Culture

Learning about Thai culture is important to do prior to a visit to Thailand. Even if you are merely curious and not planning to travel, Thai culture is an interesting area of study. Thai social norms differ greatly from Western ones and it is beneficial to take notes of these cultural differences if

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: North Wildwood Irish Festival

North Wildwood Irish Festival

Every fall in North Wildwood, New Jersey, one of the largest Irish festivals in the United States takes place over a weekend in late September. The Irish celebration is hosted by Cape May's Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Native American Legends of the Thunderbird

Native American Legends of the Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a creature of myth and veneration in the cultures of many North American indigenous peoples. He is emblematic of strength and dominance, sharp-witted and quick to fury. Every culture with a Thunderbird belief advocates placating the creature whenever possible so as to avoid his wrath;

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: The History of the Modern Tango Dance

The History of the Modern Tango Dance

Many see the articulate tango as an expression of desire particular to the Latin world. Indeed, the image of impassioned dancing immediately comes to mind when the subject of tango is broached. However, this dance's history must be explored in order to better appreciate and understand its meaning to

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Traditional American Farming Techniques

Traditional American Farming Techniques

Before the advent of chemical fertilizers, hybridized and genetically modified plants, and modern herbicides and pesticides, farmers had natural ways of getting the most out of their land. In addition to using animal manure as fertilizer, they utilized seed saving, crop rotation, strip cropping and

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Canadian Educational Tours

Canadian Educational Tours

Ottawa is Canada's national capital.parliament of canada image by Scott Wormington from Fotolia.comEducational travel in Canada has become a popular travel alternative. From Newfoundland's rugged shore, to Quebec's European flair, Ottawa's historic perspective, to Toronto's New York...

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: 1950s Teen Fashion

1950s Teen Fashion

The 1950s was when the word "teenager" entered the everyday vernacular, states the website Rewind the Fifties. In the wake of World War II, the teenage population surged, creating a youthful niche that had its own sense of style. Fashion trends were heavily influenced by teen idols and rock & roll c

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: About the Sun Sign Gemini

About the Sun Sign Gemini

The sun sign Gemini is positioned third in the series of astrological signs of the Zodiac. Gemini covers people born between May 22 and June 21.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: What Teens Wore in the 60s

What Teens Wore in the 60s

The 1960s was a time of great social upheaval in Western Culture. The proliferation of air travel, along with changes in music and a general rebellion among young people against the McCarthy era of the 1950s gave way to changes unprecedented in American culture. Teen fashion became a way of self exp

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Indian Heritage & the Dawes Rolls of 1914

Indian Heritage & the Dawes Rolls of 1914

The Dawes Rolls were written between 1898 and 1914, and are the final and permanent records for members of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole and Creek tribes. Because the records are unalterable, they are also known as the Final Rolls. For this reason, the Dawes Rolls are a valuable and aut

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Indians Native to Ohio

Indians Native to Ohio

Ohio is a state rich in the history of Native American cultures, with several tribes indigenous to the area. Although tribes such as the Delaware, Shawnee, Ottawa and Miami may not be identified with Ohio, all of them spent time in Ohio before moving on to other regions. In parts of Ohio, spectacula

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Sioux Hand Tools

Sioux Hand Tools

Prior to the 17th century, the Sioux used various stone hand tools to build, cultivate and harvest. These tools range from hoes and adzes for digging and hewing to axes and knives for cutting and carving. These hand tools were responsible for the survival of what would later become the "Great Sioux

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Hillbilly Wooden Crafts

Hillbilly Wooden Crafts

Intricate wooden carvings are often crafted by hillbillies.tree trunk carving image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.comHillbillies are usually identified as the indigenous residents of south-central Missouri and northern Arkansas. Many people in this region are skilled artisans, creating...

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: The History of the Steppes

The History of the Steppes

The Steppes are a vast region of largely treeless plains that stretch from the Danube River across south and southeastern Europe and into Asia. People from this region shaped the history of Asia and Europe for thousands of years.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How to Indicate a Music Sequence in a Screenplay

How to Indicate a Music Sequence in a Screenplay

Many of Hollywood's classic films -- "My Fair Lady," "Singing in the Rain," and "Oklahoma" to name a few -- are musicals. A musical screenplay closely resembles those of other genres, but includes lyrics written as modified dialogue. A speculative or "spec" sc