Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How to Make Good Funny Jokes

How to Make Good Funny Jokes

Writers are always advised, 'Avoid Cliches'. But cliches prove to be a highly desired and one of the ,ost successful strategies in writing comedies.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Spark Your New Years Eve With Enchanting Lights

Spark Your New Years Eve With Enchanting Lights

New years eve movie is a mixture of love, hope, forgiveness, second chance and fresh start which gives out an appealing look to the viewers and the wide variety of combination ha made new year eve mov

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Economic Jolt

Economic Jolt

A political cartoon about Barack Obama's attempts to jumpstart the economy.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Marvel Characters

Marvel Characters

Hollywood decided long ago that the best way to making more money was to get into the creation of book characters or comic book characters into blockbuster movies.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Las Vegas Bottle Service= Pure VIP attention

Las Vegas Bottle Service= Pure VIP attention

Can anything be better than your arriving to your most favorite holiday destination in a luxuriously spread limousine? A limousine that helps you arrives in taste and finery also supplements various others requirements such as ...

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Have You Been To France?

Have You Been To France?

Some say Paris is for lovers. If it is, Provence is for lovers of food and wine and no bathroom scales.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Who Would Jesus Torture?

Who Would Jesus Torture?

A political bumper sticker featuring the slogan, 'Would Would Jesus Torture?'

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Geezer and Gidget

Geezer and Gidget

A political cartoon depicting John McCain and Sarah Palin as Geezer and Gidget.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Bob Filner Grope

Bob Filner Grope

A political cartoon about disgraced San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Humor on the Internet

Humor on the Internet

The internet is not just a place where you go to check your email and get the latest news. It is also home to some more relaxing and amusing sites. After a long day at work, a good way to lay back is to look at some online humor.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Egg and chips - por favor grasos

Egg and chips - por favor grasos

It infuriates me when people are judged on their appearance. Just because Rafa Benitez is a tubby mess, this does not give opposing supporters the right to abuse him. The Aston Villa supporters went well ...