Home & Garden: How to Decorate Your Wood Paneling

How to Decorate Your Wood Paneling

If you were asked to think of details that would tell you in exactly what decade a house was built, you would probably come up with features such as mirrored ceilings, avocado green appliances and wood paneling. Wood paneling is the bane of existence for many purchasers of older homes. Removing the

Home & Garden: How to Fix a Hole in an Exterior Door

How to Fix a Hole in an Exterior Door

A hole in your front or back door is not only unpleasant to look at, but can get a little chilly as well. Doors are expensive and replacing them can be a time-consuming procedure. If you've recently replaced a door knob or have a small hole in your door, a little time and effort can fix it without a

Home & Garden: How to Install a Weather Station Rain Sensor

How to Install a Weather Station Rain Sensor

Rain sensors are an essential component of weather stations, both amateur and professional. TV meteorologists rely on them, and they can also be educational and fun for laypeople of all ages. Rain collection and analysis is done to determine the quality and quantity of rain. Rain sensors come in wir

Home & Garden: Michigan Basement Egress Rules

Michigan Basement Egress Rules

A basement media room would need egress.couch and fire image by Charles Jacques from Fotolia.comBasement space is often used to add a guest room, a home office space, a media center or craft area. In Michigan, these types of uses require an emergency escape or rescue opening. The code has...

Home & Garden: How to Fill a Dry Well

How to Fill a Dry Well

Dry, unused wells can pose a significant danger. Children and adults alike who are not aware of there presence can be severely injured or killed by falling into an abandoned well. The safest course of action to take is to fill the dry well. This will require some heavy labor and the renting of some

Home & Garden: Colors of Concrete Countertops

Colors of Concrete Countertops

Concrete has moved from the sidewalk into the home and is used for interior flooring and countertops in many of today's home renovations. As with any custom countertop, concrete is shaped from a template and produced at a workshop. The process of colorization includes adding pigment to the concrete

Home & Garden: How to Lay Glueless Laminate Flooring

How to Lay Glueless Laminate Flooring

Glueless laminate flooring is a durable, easy to care for and easy to install floor covering that looks great. Its popularity has been high among DIY seekers since it was first introduced to the U.S. home improvement market in 1982 (Reference 1). Because it is a floating floor system, laminate floor

Home & Garden: The Best Privacy Plant Hedge & Screen Bush

The Best Privacy Plant Hedge & Screen Bush

Living privacy fences are appealing to homeowners who wish to enjoy their yards without the intrusions of neighboring homes, businesses or roads. Privacy fences created from bushes and small trees are complementary to the rest of the landscaping and offer a more appealing atmosphere than man-made fe

Home & Garden: The Advantages of Straw Bales

The Advantages of Straw Bales

Straw bales are used in building construction.straw bales 2 image by Watt from Fotolia.comA straw bale is a bundle of rice, wheat, barley, oat or other varieties of straw, wrapped tightly with twine or wire. Bales come in several shapes including round, square and rectangular. While straw...

Home & Garden: 3-D Kitchen Remodeling

3-D Kitchen Remodeling

You may have ideas regarding what you'd like your new kitchen to look like, but are unsure of how to go about putting together a design. With 3D kitchen remodeling tools, you can create the kitchen of your dreams. Computer software programs are available that will allow you to see what your new kitc

Home & Garden: How to Use Glazier's Points

How to Use Glazier's Points

How to Use Glazier's Points. Glazier's points are the small hidden helpers that hold glass in the window frame. When replacing a glass, glazier's points are essential to proper installation and to the future stability of the window. Just take a little care, and the average homeowner can learn how to

Home & Garden: How to Repair the Crank on an Andersen Window

How to Repair the Crank on an Andersen Window

Andersen uses a crank to open and close its casement window just like other manufacturers. Over time the spindle that secures the handle becomes stripped or the crank is just difficult to operate. The best way to repair the crank on an Andersen window is to simply replace the crank with a new one. S

Home & Garden: How to Venetian Plaster

How to Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is often thought of as a "faux finish" in the United States, but this easy yet effective technique dates back to ancient Italy. Just as Rome was not built in a day, be prepared to spend the better part of a week on this process -- the plaster will need to dry completely between coat

Home & Garden: Video: How to Prune Shade Trees

Video: How to Prune Shade Trees

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Daniel Penselin, and this is how to prune your shade trees. The things you will need: pruners, gloves, and shade trees. The first step is to evaluate the top of the growth on the tree. Cut out any broken, dead, or diseased branches and shape what's left into a...

Home & Garden: Home Building Specifications

Home Building Specifications

Home building specifications are the planning documents that outline how a house will be constructed. The architectural drawings are broken down into organized information that the construction contractors follow to build every part of the home. Each state building codes that the home building speci

Home & Garden: DIY Roof Leak Repair

DIY Roof Leak Repair

Discovering a leak in your roof is one of those uh-oh moments when your heart sinks and your mind races with thoughts of how you'll be able to pay for the fixes. While it can be a relatively inexpensive and easy fix, don't delay, because a minor leak can lead to far more serious and expensive proble

Home & Garden: Damper vs. Flue

Damper vs. Flue

If you do not know the difference between a flue and a damper, you are not alone. Each word is often used when the speaker is referring to the other, and the idea that the words are synonyms is not uncommon. Each of the two devices, however, plays a very specific role in the proper function of a fur

Home & Garden: Stucco Home Styles

Stucco Home Styles

Stucco architecture is frequently combined with tile roofs.terra cotta roof image by Patrick Moyer from Fotolia.comStucco homes have been around for hundreds of years, gracing the exteriors of a number of architectural styles. Stucco, a mixture of cement, water, lime and sand, creates...

Home & Garden: How to Hang Drywall on the Ceiling

How to Hang Drywall on the Ceiling

Drywall, known under a variety of names including sheetrock, plasterboard and gypsum wallboard, is a high-quality option for finishing both walls and ceilings. Used originally as an alternative to plaster-covered surfaces, drywall quickly rose as one of the most common finishes. Hanging drywall in y

Home & Garden: How to Install Exterior Wood Storm Windows

How to Install Exterior Wood Storm Windows

Storm windows and doors help keep winter's cold outside while holding the heat inside the building. Storm doors and windows trap a layer of air between the storm window and the home's windows. This creates an additional insulation barrier between the exterior and interior of your house. Storm window