Health & Medical: Back Pain With Rash A Sign Of Shingles

Back Pain With Rash A Sign Of Shingles

If you have back pain with a rash, you may have shingles. Learn what causes this condition, how to treat it and how to manage the pain.

Health & Medical: Unusual Causes of Headache

Unusual Causes of Headache

CoughingCoughing, especially chronic, severe coughing, is an often overlooked and unusual cause of a headache. The act of coughing, and to a lesser extent laughing and sneezing, temporarily raises the blood pressure in the veins and arteries of the brain, an occurrence that can cause a...

Health & Medical: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Health

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Health

The wrist is a delicate joint made of two rows of small bones that connect the forearm to the hand. It is susceptible to movement and stress, sometimes more than you would think. Using the computer; knitting and many other repetitive activities places increased stress on the wrist, sometimes causing

Health & Medical: Go Toward The Pain To Find The Solution

Go Toward The Pain To Find The Solution

When it comes to pain, an important question to ask is: How are we relating to pain? The way that we relate to pain decides whether pain is sucking the life out of us or whether it's fuel for our healing.

Health & Medical: Ear Congestion Relief

Ear Congestion Relief

If you are experiencing temporary hearing loss, a ringing noise, pain or congestion in your ears, you may have an infection, a cold or allergies. Ear infections usually go away within a few days, but if symptoms persist you can try over-the-counter as well as home remedies to reduce symptoms and cle

Health & Medical: Sharp Back Pain - What You Should Do

Sharp Back Pain - What You Should Do

Feeling sudden and sharp back pains could happen to anybody at any given time and place. This is why it is crucial for everybody to read about it ahead of time so that they will know what to anticipate if this happens.

Health & Medical: Acupuncture May Be Useful for Migraines

Acupuncture May Be Useful for Migraines

Study after study has shown acupuncture to be effective in treating a host of different ailments, but new research is raising questions about why the ancient Chinese practice works.

Health & Medical: Sports Injuries and the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Sports Injuries and the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Exercising is good for you and sporting activities play an important role in today's society. Engaging yourself into sports is one way to be healthy in mind and body, but sometimes unfavorable things happen when you participate in such activities. In addition to its health benefits, it may also

Health & Medical: How to Use Wood Betony

How to Use Wood Betony

Wood Betony is native to North America and has been used as a natural medicine for hundreds of years. The herb played a prominent role in Native American culture and traditions. In addition to the medicinal usages, some believed the herb had magical properties that induced love. Wood Betony is nonto

Health & Medical: TMJ Exercises - 3 Sure-Shot Exercises to Ease TMJ

TMJ Exercises - 3 Sure-Shot Exercises to Ease TMJ

TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorder) is pain and dysfunction of the joint in the skull which enables you to talk, eat and otherwise move your mouth. TMJ can manifest itself as pain in the jaw, head, ears or teeth; difficulty in chewing, talking and opening/closing of the mouth and clicking or gra

Health & Medical: Keep the Back Pain Away

Keep the Back Pain Away

Preventative maintenance is a simple lifestyle choice that helps to keep back and neck pain away. So if you are on the road to recovery from a back or neck injury, or you want to prevent chronic back pain or problems, turn to your lifestyle to help with prevention.

Health & Medical: 3 Ways to Treat a Bulging Disc

3 Ways to Treat a Bulging Disc

If you've got a bulging disc, chances are you are in pain. Here are 3 ways that you can treat a bulging disc and get your health back.

Health & Medical: What is Spinal Decompression?

What is Spinal Decompression?

If you must have medication on a daily basis to function; are limited in your activities; have had regular epidurals with no relief, are actually considering surgery but do not enjoy the idea of surgery for your pain, non-surgical spinal decompression may be for you. If you have been told about all

Health & Medical: Migraines & Exercise

Migraines & Exercise

Although getting regular exercise is a part of overall migraine management, sometimes vigorous exercise may trigger a migraine attack. This type of migraines is called exertion or exertional migraines. According to Migraines For Dummies, this may begin as a mild headache, called benign exertion head

Health & Medical: Five of the Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Five of the Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a symptom of several conditions, and most people experience it at some point in life. In some cases, back pain occurs due to injury, but it can also be a result of age-related degeneration or disease. Below is a look at five of the most common causes of back pain.

Health & Medical: Ways to Discover the Right Chiropractor

Ways to Discover the Right Chiropractor

Many people will explore a chiropractor after a car incident, a sporting injury, or perhaps just sleeping inappropriately. Whatever the factor, the procedure of attempting to discover a chiropractor may be quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to a person that has never searched for one previ

Health & Medical: 5 Benefits of Undulation

5 Benefits of Undulation

In a healthy body, the spine is the cornerstone of movement. Undulation is a simple exercise that improves core strength and flexibility around the spine to increase range of motion and decrease pain.