Health & Medical: Going Backward Towards Success With Healthier Living

Going Backward Towards Success With Healthier Living

Losing Weight by Finding Time / Thyroid Weight Loss Center / Lose Weight and Diet With Thyroid Disease / Fighting Obesity and Overweight When You're Hypothyroid, from your Thyroid Guide, Mary Shomon

Health & Medical: Can Pregnancy Cause Thyroid Problems?

Can Pregnancy Cause Thyroid Problems?

It's common for women to feel tired, experience mood swings, and have a variety of other symptoms in the months after childbirth. But for some women, symptoms can become troublesome, and may point to a thyroid problem known as postpartum thyroiditis. This article looks at the risk factors for p

Health & Medical: What Causes Nasal Scarring?

What Causes Nasal Scarring?

Nasal scarring can be external, internal or both.woman image by dinostock from Fotolia.comNasal scarring is caused by an injury to the nose. This scarring can result in difficulty breathing or loss of function of the olfactory senses. According to plastic surgeon, Dr. Sam S. Rizk, those...

Health & Medical: What Is a Sinus Wash?

What Is a Sinus Wash?

A sinus wash is a saline rinse for your nasal passages. It is commonly used for people with severe allergies and for congestion from a common cold.

Health & Medical: Tonsillitis Symptoms

Tonsillitis Symptoms

Tonsillitis is an ailment commonly associated with children, but people of any age can get the condition just so long as they still have their tonsils. To diagnose the condition a doctor will swab the tonsils to test for infection, and there would also be a blood test to test for infection. Surgery

Health & Medical: Natural Herbs for Sinus Allergies

Natural Herbs for Sinus Allergies

Sinus allergies occur when an allergen enters the body, forcing the body to respond by "attacking" the offending organism. Sinus allergies, which affect at least 16 percent of the population, are often caused by allergens such as pollen, dust, mold, dirt, animal dander and foods. Most environmental

Health & Medical: Benzocaine & Sinus Pain

Benzocaine & Sinus Pain

Sinus pain is a headache that affects the face, cheeks, forehead and around the eyes. It usually occurs during a cold or when your nose is congested and filled with mucus. There are several different treatments which can help relieve the symptoms of sinus pain, including the topical analgesic benzoc

Health & Medical: Strategies to Prevent Hearing Loss in Musicians

Strategies to Prevent Hearing Loss in Musicians

Even though music is a pleasant sound, excessive exposure does cause permanent damage to hearing. Strategies for preventing music-induced​ hearing loss are discussed.

Health & Medical: How to Heal Your Thyroid

How to Heal Your Thyroid

If you have a thyroid disease or disorder, such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves disease or Hashimoto's, then here are some of the ways that you can help heal your thyroid gland.

Health & Medical: The Adrenal - Thyroid Connection

The Adrenal - Thyroid Connection

Interview with Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames on the connection between adrenal insufficiency andhypothyroidism, from Mary Shomon, Thyroid Guide, patient advocate and author of a number of booksand guides on thyroid disease and autoimmune disease

Health & Medical: What Are the Causes for Mucous?

What Are the Causes for Mucous?

Mucous is a very unpleasant thing to deal with. People never hesitate to pay for medications that alleviate their suffering. Despite its association with illness, such as colds and allergies, mucous plays a critical role in bodily health. Knowing what mucous is and how it is caused is important when

Health & Medical: How to Use a Water Pik to Irrigate Your Sinuses

How to Use a Water Pik to Irrigate Your Sinuses

Nasal irrigation consists of flooding your nasal passages with saline solution. Saline solution is a simple sterile water and salt mixture. You can make your own saline solution or purchase it over the counter from a pharmacy. Nasal irrigation is a safe method for children and adults to relieve sin