Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Discover Triumph With Film Schools

Discover Triumph With Film Schools

Tucson film schools provide students a unique chance to discover the craft of movie making in a postcard-perfect setting. As a result of its diverse and captivating natural landscapes, exciting metro area, and tax incentives for production companies, Arizona's second-largest city is extremely r

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How to Watch Full Length Movies Online

How to Watch Full Length Movies Online

If you want to Watch Full Length Movies Online, you have to consider two choices. To get a paid service, or to download for free.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Hoot - A Review

Hoot - A Review

"Hoot," directed by Wil Shriner and based on the Newbery-Award-winning novel by Carl Hiaassen, is a thoroughly enjoyable romp for children and a mildly entertaining experience for the adults who accompany them to the theater. While some children might be surprised at plot developments, few

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: The Simpsons: More Popular Than Ever

The Simpsons: More Popular Than Ever

Do you still love the Simpsons? Well, you're not alone. After twenty-plus years on television, the Simpsons are more popular than ever. There's no doubt that the Simpsons have been wildly popular on TV. The ...

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Top 10 Classic Movies

Top 10 Classic Movies

A classic movie is quite simply a movie that has stood the test of time, regardless of genre, regardless of age. A classic transcends all its classifications and manages to hold your attention all over again. In reverse order here are my top 10.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Man of Steel Review

Man of Steel Review

Does the Man of Steel deliver? Or is this another failed reboot? Find out in my review for Man of Steel!

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: 'Transformers Prime' Interview

'Transformers Prime' Interview

An interview with Josh Keaton, who plays Jack Darby on Transformers Prime, about working with legends and being the Green Lantern.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Dish Network – Record, Pause and Rewind with DVR

Dish Network – Record, Pause and Rewind with DVR

True, you have rightly understood, with perfect satellite television receivers, subscribers of DISH Network now enjoy added advantage of Digital Video Recording (DVR), a fully featured device. One of the premier satellite TV providers in ...

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How to Make a Low-Budget Kung Fu Movie

How to Make a Low-Budget Kung Fu Movie

Kung fu movies aren't necessarily expensive to produce: Indeed some of the very best in the genre were basically made from the change in someone's couch. More important than money are the skills on display and the time it takes to make sure those skills are deployed safely and properly. If you can

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Stardust


STARDUST Movie - The film, an adaptation of the novel by Neil Gaiman which was illustrated by Charles Vess, is an adventure fantasy. A young man named Tristan (Charlie Cox) woos a village beauty Victoria (Sienna Miller), promising to bring her a falling star. His journey takes him beyond the walls o

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Golden Globe Nomination Snubs

Golden Globe Nomination Snubs

It's amazing how much influence the Golden Globes wield over the industry.The awards are voted upon by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which may sound prestigious, but in actuality is essentially an organization of little more than 90 celebrity gossip columnists from around the world.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Johnny Carson - The Icon of Classic Late Night Television

Johnny Carson - The Icon of Classic Late Night Television

Johnny Carson brought late night comedy to a new level when he took the reins in 1962. His edgy comedy and unbelievable charisma made late night television worth staying up for.This article shows how Carson got to the Tonight Show and his influence on television.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Intertitle


Text that appears periodically on screen to provide information such as the date, the time, the location or to identify a person shown on screen.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Monday Nights Are Going to Be Excellent on TV

Monday Nights Are Going to Be Excellent on TV

Although Mondays are often one of the hardest days to get through because it is the beginning of the week, we now have some unique television to look forward to, to get you through the day. Whether you like comedy, drama, crime or a combination of all three, Mondays are sure to be jam packed as your

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: "Lil Crime Stoppers"

"Lil Crime Stoppers"

Picture of Cartman interrogating Butters in the Lil Crime Stoppers episode of South Park.