Health & Medical: Making Three of the Most Popular Italian Food Dishes

Making Three of the Most Popular Italian Food Dishes

To people outside of Italy, Italian cooking is most known for pizzas and pastas. But, for individuals who reside there, there are rather notable differences in the types of each food item, with respec

Health & Medical: Make Wonder Full Your Halloween Night

Make Wonder Full Your Halloween Night

Halloween nights are coming. So how is your preparation? You are thinking about the Halloween ideas. Don't worry you can make it fizzle with fun. Of course when festival comes everybody think

Health & Medical: The History of Russian Food

The History of Russian Food

Mention Russian fare, and "beef stroganoff" and "vodka" come immediately to mind. They are among the "stars" of the Russian dining table. Beef stroganoff is thought to have been named for Count Pavel Stroganoff, a celebrity gourmet who frequented the imperial court of his time. As for Russian vodka,

Health & Medical: Top 9 Fine Dining Restaurants in New Orleans

Top 9 Fine Dining Restaurants in New Orleans

Uupscale restaurants in New Orleans that include fine dining, pleasing ambience, wonderful food, and their own unique personalities.Some are "finer" than others in terms of ambience and elegance, but all are top-ten where food is concerned - cross section of Creole, Cajun, historic food an

Health & Medical: How to Make Frozen Steak in a Turbo Oven

How to Make Frozen Steak in a Turbo Oven

Turbo ovens, also known as halogen or countertop infrared ovens, use a combination of heating technologies to cook foods. A halogen lamp is the heat source, and it warms the air inside the cooker the same way a regular oven's elements would. However, it also emits high energy infrared radiation, whi

Health & Medical: How to Store Pasta in Mylar Bags

How to Store Pasta in Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are used to store food for long periods of time and help keep food fresh during transportation. Mylar is a term coined by DuPont; it's made from polyester and nylon, then pressed onto thin aluminum shielding. Once sealed, a Mylar bag can keep food items such as pasta and grains fresh for

Health & Medical: How to: Chocolate Bouquet

How to: Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate bouquets make sweet birthday, thank you and Valentine's Day gifts for your loved ones. Chocolate bouquets may not last any longer than their fresh flower counterparts, but recipients can enjoy both looking at and eating them. Chocolate gifts are always in great taste for anyone on your lis

Health & Medical: Uses for Cured Salt Pork

Uses for Cured Salt Pork

Salt pork resembles a thick slab of uncut bacon. To make salt pork, salt is rubbed all over a piece of pork, using about 1 lb. of salt for 15 lbs. of pork. The salted pork is then sealed tightly in a crock and placed in a refrigerator for about five or six days. During the 1800s, salt...

Health & Medical: Denver Cooking Schools

Denver Cooking Schools

There are several options in Denver to learn to cook image by AGITA LEIMANE from Fotolia.comWhether you want to impress your friends or family with your cooking skills or you want to cook professionally, there are several cooking school options for you if you live in...

Health & Medical: Gumdrops


Make your own Gumdrops in this fun and easy recipe that is great for the holidays.

Health & Medical: Homemade Christening Cakes

Homemade Christening Cakes

An explanation of the tradition of christening and some ideas about baking and decorating a christening cake for people who would rather make their own than purchase an expensive shop cake to mark the

Health & Medical: The Fundamentals In Cooking Gourmet Food Like The Pros

The Fundamentals In Cooking Gourmet Food Like The Pros

Once you understand the basics of cooking, it can be such a freeing and rewarding experience to create a simply delicious meal or baked item. The smells in your home and the faces of the people who you share it with are priceless. This article will give you some great tips on how you too can be an e

Health & Medical: Best Way to Store Vegetables

Best Way to Store Vegetables

Vegetables are generous plants. You can eat almost every part of them from the root to the leaves. Within these parts of the plants you will find an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber, all of which help us restore and maintain health. Vegetables are also hardy. If you buy them fr

Health & Medical: Banana Peel Uses

Banana Peel Uses

Bananas are a fruit that have several benefits because they contain a high concentration of potassium and phosphorus. While the skin is inedible, it does not mean there are not any uses for it. Don't throw the skin away, but use it as an inexpensive and effective alternative in some everyday tasks.