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Why Self Parking Is the Best Option

When you are on vacation, there are many different expenses that can eat away at your budget.
One of these expenses can be parking if you do not make smart choices.
One of these choices has to do with how you choose your parking.
There are many occasions when valet parking may be available, and since you will not know the area parking lots, this may seem like the better option.
However, there are numerous reasons why you will want to choose self parking.
Consider these reasons and you will soon find a great way to make your vacation all the better.
A Difference in Fees Self parking does not usually charge as high of a fee.
Chances are, you will be given the option of valet or self parking no matter where you visit.
In almost all cases, both types of parking will charge a fee, but if you take a moment to look at the fee schedule, you will find that self parking is usually several dollars cheaper.
When you add those dollars up over the whole extent of your vacation, you will find that you can save anywhere between fifty and one hundred dollars or even more.
No Need for a Tip When you use valet parking, it is customary to tip the valet.
This tip may only be a couple of dollars, but those dollars can add up as well.
If you choose self parking, you will not have to tip yourself, and you can save yourself that amount of money as well.
When you add the tip to the difference in fees, you will be surprised at just how much you can save.
Easier Access to Locations When you choose self parking, you will have the ability to park where you want and when you want.
Often, valet parking is limited to certain hours and certain areas.
If you will be visiting more than one location in the area, you may want to choose a parking option that is central to all the areas you will be visiting during that day.
This way, you will not have to pay to park at every location that you choose and you will not have to walk as far either.
Control Over Your Own Vehicle Sometimes, the idea of a complete stranger parking your vehicle can be a little worrisome.
After all, you will have to depend on them to drive safely and park your vehicle in a safe location.
While most valets are completely trustworthy, there are those few who are not.
If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of someone else parking your vehicle, then self parking would be the best option.
When you are planning your vacation, there are many reasons why self parking is the best option.
It can save you money as well as time and frustration.
If you choose self parking, be sure to familiarize yourself with the parking garages available in the area that you will be visiting so that you can quickly and easily find the best places to park during your stay.
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